First Blog Post

For my first post, I thought it would be easier to have a Q&A format to help people learn about me and my goals of this blog.

Here we go:

Q: What have been your experiences in life?
A: I have had a passion for technology since I was a kid. I had some experiences in high school working on computers and took all of the tech related classes, such as a CompTIA A+ prep class, C++, HTML, Visual Basic, etc… I tried to get jobs at cell phone stores so I could work with technology every day, but no luck. I got married, had a kid, and started going to night classes at our community college. I opted for the Cisco Networking Associates degree, and immediately fell in love with networking. I excelled at school and planned on pursuing the Cisco Route & Switch certification path.

Q: Who are you as a person and as a professional?
A: First, I am a husband and father. I love my family and spending time with them. They are my motivation for a successful career. Second, I am a Network Support Specialist currently in my career. I handle many of the day-to-day help desk tickets, but I am “The Network Guy” among our team. Since graduating from college, I have attained my CCNA Route & Switch certification. I have been in my position at work since 2015.

Q: Is this your first blog?
A: This is my first blog. I have considered it for a long time, but ever since listening to the Packet Pushers and many other podcasts, I finally decided to start one for the sake of furthering my knowledge.

Q: Why would someone come to your blog and what would they be looking for?
A: My guess is that someone like myself, who is relatively new to their networking or cybersecurity career and who is striving to further their knowledge, would find my posts helpful. They may be looking for posts on certain technologies and procedures or study tips.

Q: What’s in it for your readers?
A: They hopefully will gain some knowledge on how to do certain things in networking or cybersecurity. They will find some helpful study tips as well.

Q: Who are the people you will be writing for and what are they like?
A: I assume that the people reading my posts will be network engineers/administrators who are looking for procedures and new perspectives. Readers of my blog are people who take their career and education seriously. Blog post readers, podcasts listeners, and news followers are the type of people that are ambitious, smart, and valuable. (This means you.)

Q: What are you looking to achieve with the blog and what will it look like in the long run?
A: I am hoping to have a place to keep my career-long notes and to solidify my knowledge. Maybe I can help others along the way. Over time, I am hoping to increase my ability to write down my procedures and thoughts, benefiting myself and others.

Q: Do you encourage comments?
A: Absolutely! I would love feedback from readers to help me grow.

Q: How can readers email you if they have questions, suggestions, or complaints?
A: Check out my Contact page.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Hopefully I can provide value to you in the future.