Sophos Threat Response Certified Admin

I participated in the Sophos Threat Hunting Academy – Season 3, which had 5 1-hour sessions of Sophos and threat hunting training. Here is the schedule and topics:

Session 1 – Responding To An Attack: Initial Response                         Feb. 1, 2022

Session 2 – Responding To An Attack: Triaging The Issues                 Feb. 2, 2022

Session 3 – Responding To An Attack: Neutralizing The Threat         Feb. 3, 2022

Session 4 – Incident Response: Planning and Prevention Measures Feb. 8, 2022

Session 5 – Season 3 Wrap-Up and Q&A                                                 Feb. 9, 2022

Each session had a live demonstration of the Sophos incident response team and how they respond to incidents of new and existing customers.

They showed how to use the Sophos Central Live Discover feature and run queries against the machines and the stored data in Sophos Central.

They discussed other tools available in the cybersecurity industry, and also how to get training in cybersecurity using tools like “Hack The Box” and “Try Hack Me”.

Overall it was very educational and was a great free resource, especially for existing Sophos Central customers.

At the end of the course, there was an exam where I passed and was given the title of “Sophos Threat Response Certified Admin”.
See the certificate here: Sophos Threat Response Certificate

Here is a link to the community page to learn more: